Shaft melting furnace

artikelbild schachtschmelzofen

Considering the total cost, which causes a smelting furnace in its entire furnace life,
so does the purchase with about 10 - 15% is a very small proportion.

Energy consumption, metal losses and maintenance have a much stronger impact.

This was the basis of the development of our shaft melting furnace.
The result:

A melting furnace that really saves costs.

For energy consumption, metal losses, longevity, spare parts.
The new shaft melting furnace (SM) with eco + technology is a particularly economical, hydraulically tiltable aluminum melting furnace. The aluminum is melted in the shaft and flows fluidly into the bath. The furnace can be charged via a charging machine.

Due to the complete energy utilization in the furnace, it reaches a combustion efficiency of approx. 92%.
And thus a perfect energy efficiency in melting mode. And with the optional recuperator also holding mode.

Thus, as usual with the shaft melting furnaces, the material is preheated in the shaft and the flue gases are cooled at the same time.

So the energy stays where it belongs - in the furnace.

The consumption values in meling mode performance test are perfect:
In holding mode: 45 kWh / h at 760 ° C and 4 t bath content.
In smelting operation: 488 kWh / t, melt and overheat to 760 ° C.
With digital gas-air combined control and recuperator even only 450 kWh / t.



- Very low consumption.
Thanks to the optimum shaft geometry, the flue gases cool down to approx. 200°C during melting operation. Without adding fresh air.
The combustion efficiency is approx. 92%.
The optional integrated heat excanger and thereby cool the exhaust gases in holding mode provide unprecedented fuel economy.
A high shaft is always inclusive and does not have to be purchased as an option.
A speed-controlled combustion air fan and tightly closing hydraulic doors also contribute to energy savings and also help prevent corundum.

- Low metal losses.
Due to a clever shaft geometry and a sophisticated burner alignment, metal losses are largely avoided. The molten metal can flow quickly and channeled into the metal bath. The alignment of the burner prevents local overheating.

- Durable refractory lining.
Refractories set new standards.
Almost throughout the furnace is a massive 400 mm thik wall in segmental construction. Each segment is planned in detail and combined for optimal arrangement, anchoring and size.
The result: A very long lifetime.
And if after years a repair is necessary: each segment can be replaced individually.

- Very clean metal.
Through the side-mounted shaft, neither inclusions (for example corundum) or cast-in parts can get into the bath. These remain in the shaft and can easily be removed. The melting of damp material is no problem for the furnace.